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I'm Camille!

I’m a passionate renewable energy and sustainability professional dedicated to the advancement of clean energy technologies and equitable energy access. Born and raised in The Bahamas, my perspective was shaped by witnessing the vulnerability of my community to the effects of climate change, specifically hurricanes, exacerbated by the global fossil-fuel dependency. Recognizing the pressing need for environmental justice, clean energy and resource distribution, I went on to pursue education and experiences to become a more robust practitioner.


I'm currently finalizing my Master of Science (M.S.) in Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University, with concentrations in renewable energy, climate justice and energy transition strategy. My research focuses on pathways to accelerating clean energy development in The Bahamas. My academic journey combines sustainable development with social equity, and various work experiences have allowed me to hone my skills in program management, policy analysis and community engagement. 


In my career, I hope to continue working at the intersection of clean energy and innovation while remaining grounded in justice. Through it all, I remain unwavering in my commitment to fostering positive change in the renewable energy landscape and creating more sustainable futures for us all.

Interest Areas

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This includes solar energy, energy transitions, agrivoltaics, etc.



This is the ultimate goal of my work as an energy justice professional and urban planner.


How can we get corporations to fund community impact projects?


“...there’s no single answer that will solve all of our future problems. There’s no magic bullet. Instead there are thousands of answers–at least. You can be one of them if you choose to be.” 
- Octavia Butler

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ee-key-guy ∙ noun


  • 'a reason for being'; the thing that gets you up in the morning

  • iki meaning 'alive' and gai meaning 'benefit' or 'worth'

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