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A DigiTal Library of resources for a sustainable future

Welcome to the

Earthseed Library

This digital library is a curated collection of resources designed to support education for the collective in pursuit of a just, sustainable future. Whether you're just beginning to explore the complexities of the topics features, or you're an experienced advocate, The Earthseed Library features a diverse range of materials to inform, inspire, and empower us all.

Curators Note: The Earthseed Library is my labor of love after years of navigating the environmental/social justice space and seeking to learn more. Over time, while still asking my questions, I became a person that others would then ask about resources. I wanted a place to begin to compile them so that I could redirect interested friends more smoothly. It's a work in progress and I will actively update it with resources, and I encourage anyone reading this to recommend a few resources, too! In pursuing my graduate degree, I realize there are a lot of materials that others would perhaps not know about if they weren't in such a privileged, niche space. My hope is that this library will grow with contributions from numerous people of different backgrounds at their various stages of knowledge, so that we can collectively educate ourselves in creating a just, sustainable future. 

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