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The Candidate

Personal Mission Statement:

In this life, I'm on a mission to cultivate meaningful connections, foster intellectual and social growth, and drive positive environmental and social change. This mission starts from within, with a commitment to live consciously, intentionally and with integrity. Embracing imperfect progress, I seek to tap into my fullest potential, engage in transformative dialogues, and contribute to a just, sustainable future for all. In my efforts to be a catalyst for change, I aim to empower diverse voices, bridge gaps in underrepresented sectors, and create spaces where radical imagination meets tangible action. The people, places and practives that allow me to 

My mission is to nurture communities that thrives on compassion, innovation, and a shared responsibility for the well-being of our interconnected world.


In My Next Role...

I'm seeking a dynamic environment that deeply values environmental sustainability, social justice, and innovation as necessary components for co-creating a sustainable future for all. I'm eager to join a team that not only recognizes the critical intersection of these values but actively incorporates them into their mission and vision.


I'm motivated by roles that allow me to continue creating a positive and meaningful impact on society and the planet, focusing on projects and initiatives that align with my passion for sustainability and community building. I look forward to collaborating with like-minded professionals who share a vision of creating a more equitable and environmentally conscious future. In this role, I want to: 

  • Lead Cross-Functional Climate Initiatives: Drive collaborative efforts across diverse teams to advance environmental equity and clean energy access.

  • Champion Sustainable Innovation: Contribute to initiatives that drive innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental challenges.

  • Pursue Continuous Skill Development: Actively engage in learning opportunities to develop my skill set as an industry professional.

My Values

Environmental & Social Impact

A deep commitment to creating positive change, particularly in the areas of environmental sustainability, social equity, and justice—to ultimately make a meaningful impact on communities and the planet.

Innovation & Collaboration

Fostering diversity and inclusion is at the core of my values, alongside a belief in empowering underrepresented voices and creating spaces that promote justice and equality.


Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for me; it's a fundamental value. I'm passionate about ensuring that the organizations I work for align with sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Justice & Equity

I thrive in innovative environments that encourage collaboration. My experiences have shown an aptitude for bringing together interdisciplinary teams to achieve shared goals.


  • Community Building: Building and nurturing communities (both digitally and in-person) is one of my remarkable strengths. I've have successfully connected diverse individuals and organizations for common purposes.

  • Program Development: I excel in creating, implementing, and managing high-impact programs, utilizing your skills in project management, stakeholder engagement, and data-driven strategies.

  • Environmental Policy: My academic background and experience in environmental policy and planning make me a knowledgeable practitioner in these fields, able to navigate complex challenges and provide valuable insights.

  • Strategic Thinker: My ability to think strategically and integrate environmental justice principles into various initiatives showcases a forward-thinking approach and commitment to addressing global challenges.

  • Team Leadership: I have experience leading teams and working effectively with cross-functional groups, demonstrating a capacity to motivate and guide others toward shared goals.

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